Custom Portraits

The idea to offer custom portraits has been on my mind for a few years now. I really wanted it to have a strong and distinct Katkaland style. Maybe I needed time to figure out what that meant exactly. After much thought and sketches here’s my first custom family portrait illustration. I used my own . . . → Read More: Custom Portraits

One of a Kind Show

The One of a Kind Show is in 3 weeks!

This year I have more 3D Wall Art.

I have the Butterfly series but I’ve also got a smaller version.

The animal-people are back this year.

My newest creations and what I’m most excited about . . . → Read More: One of a Kind Show

Adding plush to my store!

I’ve finally started posting my plush on etsy again! It’s been a long time coming. I finally managed to take a few afternoon pics so I can now start sharing my friends with all of you. Check them out.

Preparing for OOAK

I can’t quite believe I thought I could do a huge Christmas show with a new born! I’m madly working away at some new pieces and thanks to family I will make it! I’m having a fabulous time expanding creatively. Seems like the more I work on things the more . . . → Read More: Preparing for OOAK

New Katkaland Bags

Here’s a preview of bags that I will be posting in my ETSY shop soon.

. . . → Read More: New Katkaland Bags

Old Skool Craft Fair

I’ll be at St-Michel church Saturday June 18th 11-6


Reusable Bag Design

I was honored to have my design on Toronto’s “One of a Kind” Christmas show bags!

Heart 2 Heart Fair

Another wonderful Fair in Montreal…Everything you need to spoil your loved one.

Mobiles at last!

New members of the katkaland comunity.  The are creatures that live in groups (humans call them mobiles)  We’ve always loved mobiles and we noticed all these strips of fabrics left over from the  recycled ties, it was only a question of time that an octopus mobile would be born!  And where there is one there . . . → Read More: Mobiles at last!

Business Card

We finally have a card to give out to people that are interested in our world!  We are so happy with the look and can’t wait to get our hands and paws on it. . . . → Read More: Business Card