Preparing for OOAK

I can’t quite believe I thought I could do a huge Christmas show with a new born!  I’m madly working away at some new pieces and thanks to family I will make it!  I’m having a fabulous time expanding creatively.  Seems like the more I work on things the more ideas I have.  Exciting!

New Katkaland Bags

Here’s a preview of bags that I will be posting in my ETSY shop soon.

Mobiles at last!

New members of the katkaland comunity.  The are creatures that live in groups (humans call them mobiles)  We’ve always loved mobiles and we noticed all these strips of fabrics left over from the  recycled ties, it was only a question of time that an octopus mobile would be born!  And where there is one there ends up being a collection. Here we’d like to present the 3 new designs that are currently part of the katkaland community.  More are sure to follow.