The katkaland Elders

I thought I’d start by presenting the first folks that came together to form katkaland.

There’s Marshall Monkey.
Kingston Croc.  His family has since grown quite a bit.  Although the new members are all recycled sweaters.  I’ll introduce you to them someday.
Frank Fox is the GranDad of a long line of folks.  He’s tell you about them himself someday.

These 3 guys are our town elders.  Sure Frank talks big in meetings, Kingston’s always a bit distracted and Marshall doesn’t always hear us but together we keep this katkaland community harmonious and they sure know how to inspire new people to join us.


As Mayor of katkaland I wish you a warm welcome.  Katkaland is a collection of folks that are looking for homes in your human world.  In the meantime I like to keep this journal to give you a peek into all the colourful inhabitants and perhaps we could share our love for accessories in the meantime. Who doesn’t like a nice piece of jewelry or fab handbags!?!
Until next time,