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First Bazaar Coming Fast!

We have been accepted to the Fringe Bazaar in Montreal. It’s SOO exciting! We might find  real homes! Now we must focus on getting ready. So little time, so much to do!  Of course  we have a long wish list of things to accomplish for then. Time will tell how realistic that is.! If you want to take us home or just want to meet us please come visit us there.

Creature video is out!

Although this is unrelated to katkaland we wanted to promote our mom Katka.  She recently worked on a Creature video.  Creature is her man’s Pop band. Their “Pop Culture” song is a dancing frenzy.  Katka did the art direction and costume for the dancers and her man SidZ is a band member, and the director of the clip.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Here it is:


Photography Begins

So we are finally at a place where we are taking pictures of our work. Let me back up a little. About…oh…3, 4 years ago we got an email from a friend sharing with us her new online mini store. She had put up some of her handmade work on a site to sell them online. This site was ETSY. Ever since we saw this site we’ve been working towards starting our own little shop to sell our goods and find new homes.

Fast forward to now and here we are figuring out how to take pictures of all the different things we’ve made.  Here is our set up and pictures of our earrings.
It took us  some time to figure out how we were going to do this. We first built a white box thinking we could use it but we really wanted the earrings to be hanging and so we needed to figure out a way to hold the gold frame we were using. We ended up building a mini easel/stand to clamp the frame to. Well needless to say it took us many trials to figure out the right set up.

So many tests and 5 lamps later we managed to have pictures like this:

And this is a second view:

Hopefully the next time we have new earrings the picture set-up will go faster now that we’ve figured out what it is we want.

The katkaland Elders

I thought I’d start by presenting the first folks that came together to form katkaland.

There’s Marshall Monkey.
Kingston Croc.  His family has since grown quite a bit.  Although the new members are all recycled sweaters.  I’ll introduce you to them someday.
Frank Fox is the GranDad of a long line of folks.  He’s tell you about them himself someday.

These 3 guys are our town elders.  Sure Frank talks big in meetings, Kingston’s always a bit distracted and Marshall doesn’t always hear us but together we keep this katkaland community harmonious and they sure know how to inspire new people to join us.


As Mayor of katkaland I wish you a warm welcome.  Katkaland is a collection of folks that are looking for homes in your human world.  In the meantime I like to keep this journal to give you a peek into all the colourful inhabitants and perhaps we could share our love for accessories in the meantime. Who doesn’t like a nice piece of jewelry or fab handbags!?!
Until next time,